BKM-129X card RGB/YPbPr for Sony Monitors

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High-quality BKM-129X compatible clone card for Sony PVM & BVM monitors designed by Martin Hejnfelt.


  • Connect the card to your BKM-129x compatible monitor to enable your monitor to display the highest video quality through RGB/YPbPr inputs.
  • BNC version – Includes switches to choose between 75 Ohm Termination or Passthrough (allows for the signal to pass through to another monitor).
  • SCART & VGA version – Includes a switch to toggle between SCART & VGA input, another switch to toggle VGA sync between HV/CS with LED indicators to display what is currently selected. *Note that CSYNC should be 75 Ohm level.
  • 3D printed mounting bracket and fitting screws provided.
  • Plug and play. Slide it into the back of your monitor, hook up your cables, select the input slot button that you have the card installed in on the front of your monitor and you’re set.

Please see specifications & compatibility list below.

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  • Approx. Dimensions = 160 mm x 140 mm.
  • BNC version – Connector A = x4 BNC input (R, G, B + S), Connector B = x4 BNC output (R, G, B + S).
  • VGA version – Connector A = DE-15 (VGA) input, Connector B = SCART (RGB) input, Connector C = 3.5mm audio (SCART audio) output.
  • 16/06/2024: Bracket colour is currently black.

Compatible with the following monitors:

  • BVM-D14H1E
  • BVM-D14H5E
  • BVM-D9H1E
  • BVM-D9H5E
  • PVM-20L5
  • PVM-20L4
  • PVM-20L2
  • PVM-14L5
  • PVM-14L4
  • PVM-14L3
  • PVM-14L2
  • PVM-9L3
  • PVM-9L2

Most monitors will only allow for one optional input card *check with your manual. As with the original cards, please leave the other slot empty whilst one is in use. If you require a blank slot cover for the second slot, you can also find them on our website.

Audio can be connected to the optional slot (or RGB/YPbPr slot) audio on your monitor or routed externally to your amp/speakers.

Please note: The brackets will either be in silver or black depending on stock. If you have a specific colour requirement, please attach a message upon checkout or send us an email straight away.

Every card will be tested before it is dispatched.

For the BNC card, the BNC connectors are usually white but may be black depending on current stock.

Designed by Martin Hejnfelt @ immerhax.com & produced by Retro Upgrades!

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