Blank slot cover/blank rear faceplate for Sony PVM/BVM monitors


A replacement blank rear slot cover for specific Sony PVM/BVM monitors. Many monitors come missing the faceplates and they are hard to get ahold of, so this slot cover we modified and is based on the design of Martin Hejnfelt’s BKM-129X cover is a suitable replacement.

If you are installing a BKM-129X but your monitor only has the dual slot BKM-142HD installed, you will be left with one open slot on the back of your monitor, therefore you can use one of these covers to fill the empty space!


  • Approx. Dimensions = 160 mm x 140 mm.
  • 3D printed bracket printed in strong PLA+ PRO filament.
  • Fitting screws provided.

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Compatible with the following monitors:

  • BVM-D14H1E
  • BVM-D14H5E
  • BVM-D9H1E
  • BVM-D9H5E
  • PVM-20L5
  • PVM-20L4
  • PVM-20L2
  • PVM-14L5
  • PVM-14L4
  • PVM-14L3
  • PVM-14L2
  • PVM-9L3
  • PVM-9L2

*The last photograph is only an example to display how the faceplate fits along with its appearance. No BKM-129X card is included in this listing.