GBAHD Game Boy Advance SP Console

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Consolized Gameboy Advance SP! This GBAHD unit is an original handheld Gameboy Advance SP which has been converted into a feature rich home console. Play all your Game Boy games in 720p/1080p on modern displays with a controller using this GBAHD console!


  • Plug and play! Simply hook up power via USB-C, video via mini-HDMI, grab a controller and play your original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance games or Everdrive/EZFLASH cart.
  • 720p/1080p HD output.
  • Bluetooth controller support and wired SNES controller port.
  • In-game reset via button combination or reset button on rear.
  • On-screen display (OSD): Pixel grid, smoothing filters, framerate & colour options.
  • WebUI for controller settings, 720p/1080p bitstream selection & firmware updates via web browser.
  • High quality 3D printed enclosure with golden ‘GBAHD’ logo.

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Please note: Whilst most TV’s are compatible, the GBAHD project is still in development and compatibility with every single modern display is not guaranteed. The LG C1 or C2 OLED TVs are currently incompatible for example.

Included: GBAHD console plus SD card.

What do I need? You will need either a wired or bluetooth controller (see below for setup), mini HDMI to HDMI cable, USB-C cable for power & of course some games/Everdrive cart.

How do I use the WebUI? If you wish to change any settings via the WebUI, first plug the SD card into your computer and edit the config file to set your WiFi network & password. Next place the SD card back into the GBAHD and power it on. Visit “http://gbahd.local/” on your phone/PC web browser for updates, bluetooth pairing, resolution selection and many more.

Audio? Audio is output via HDMI. There is also an optional 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear IO.

Huge shoutout to Zwenergy, Mancloud, bbsan2k, Jotheripper/john3d, kinox51 & Sanchezand for their contributions towards the GBAHD project!

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