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The gbaHD Shield by Mancloud is an addon board for the gbaHD project by Zwenergy which allows you to turn your handheld GBA into a console & play your games in crisp 720p on modern displays!

03/02/2022: We’re still waiting for the latest revision of the shield to be finished. This comes with Bluetooth implementation, WiFi firmware updates & a flex cable for an easier, cleaner install opposed to the breakout board. There have been some delays but we hope to offer them soon as possible!


  • Allows you to simply interface the GBA console to the Spartan ESP32 FPGA board without a rats nest of wires.
  • Uses the ATMEGA328P chip to allow a SNES controller to control the GBA.
  • Switch for GBA in-game reset (IGR).
  • On-screen display: Pixel grid & smoothing filters (gbaHD).

Please note: The gbaHD project is still in development and compatibility with every modern display is not guaranteed. Shield board version = 20210416.

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Included (gbaHD Shield):

  • x1 assembled gbaHD shield configured for your either OGBA or GBASP, pre-flashed with the latest firmware by Mancloud & fusebytes set.
  • x1 assembled gbaHD shield breakout board.
  • x1 set of FFC cables for either OGBA or GBASP.
  • x1 set of Male & female headers to interface the gbaHD shield with your Spartan ESP32 board.
  • Please note that we only provide the parts for the gbaHD shield which is an addon board for the gbaHD project. You will need other parts to complete your gbaHD console (Spartan ESP32, GBA console mainboard & gbaHD case). See the installation guide below for more information on the additional required parts.

Included (gbaHD case):

  • x1 gbaHD case for either OGBA or GBASP, printed in PLA+ material. Currently only black is available. More will be coming soon.
  • x1 power, reset & 3.5mm audio jack.
  • x1 micro SD to SD adapter.

Installation wiki here:

Please note: By purchasing this kit, please understand that it is DIY & for advanced installers only. Whilst we’re happy to offer support with any install questions, we cannot offer one-to-one guidance through the install process! Please see instructions on the gbaHD Shield github by clicking here.

Huge shoutout to Zwenergy, Mancloud, Jotheripper, kinox51 & Sanchezand for their contributions towards the gbaHD project!

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