GCDual 5.3 GameCube 480p Upgrade Kit

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GC Dual is the ultimate all-in-one internal video upgrade kit for the Nintendo GameCube. It is able to output both analog video and HDMI simultaneously. Avoid hard to acquire Component cables and get the most out of your GameCube experience with the GCDual!


  • Utilizes GCVideo which converts the GameCube’s Digital Video port signals to standard video signals without using the custom chip in the original component video cable.
  • Analog + HDMI outputs. The analog portion supports the following outputs: RGBS/RGBHV/RGsB/YPbPr.
  • Outputs 240p/480i/480p in all video modes. 240p/480i and can be line doubled to display 480p.
  • OSD control.
  • Professionally assembled using high-quality components from JP & USA. Brands such as Nichicon, Vishay, Panasonic.
  • Premium ENIG (gold immersion) finish.

Installation instructions below.

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Latest GCDual hardware revision 5.3.
Pre-programmed with the latest GC Video firmware 3.1.

Included: GCDual board, QSB PCB, HDMI PCB, FFC cable, required mounting hardware and 30 AWG wire.

Installation Instructions: GCDual Install Guide

QSB Jumper Guide: GCDual Jumpers

Video cables:  We recommend to configure the GCDual to output TTL CSYNC which is determined by jumper state of J2 and use one of our compatible SCART cables found here. For HDMI, a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable is required.

The kit is sold as DIY and requires advanced soldering skills. Please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to your kit or console.

We are happy to finally bring these to the UK after really long wait! A huge thanks to ikorb for GCVideo and to citrus3000psi for giving us permission to produce these kits.