JVC IF-C01COMG card RGB/YPbPr for JVC Monitors

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High-quality JVC IF-C01COMG compatible clone card for JVC TM-H and DT-V professional video monitors designed by Martin Hejnfelt. Offered with either SCART or BNC inputs.

Features & specifications:

  • Approx. Dimensions = 210 mm x 140 mm.
  • BNC: Connector A = x4 BNC input (R, G, B + S), Connector B = x2 RCA audio input (L + R). SCART: Connector A = SCART input, Connector B = x2 RCA audio input/output (L + R).
  • Connect the card to your JVC IF-C01COMG compatible monitor to enable your monitor to display the highest video quality through RGB/YPbPr inputs.
  • High quality bracket is included. Please use the original screws that come with your monitor in order to mount the bracket.
  • Plug and play. Slide it into the back of your monitor, hook up your cables, select the input slot button that you have the card installed in on the front of your monitor and you’re set.

27/11/2023: Both cards are in stock and ready to ship.

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Compatible with JVC IF-C01COMG compatible monitors i.e.:

  • JVC TM-H150CG
  • JVC TM-H1750CG
  • JVC TM-H1950CG
  • JVC DT-V1700CG
  • JVC DT-V1710CG
  • JVC DT-V1900CG
  • JVC DT-V1910CG

BNC version = Audio can be connected to the card to use the mono speaker inside the monitor, or routed externally to your amp/speakers.

SCART version = Audio is pulled from the SCART connector. The switch on the card can be pushed in to use the mono speaker inside the monitor. Alternatively, you can push the switch again to output audio from the RCA jacks to external amp/speakers.

Every card is tested before dispatch.

For the BNC card, the BNC connectors are usually white but may be black depending on current stock.

Designed by Martin Hejnfelt @ immerhax.com & produced by Retro Upgrades!

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