NESRGB-IGR switchless add-on for NESRGB


The NES-IGR interfaces with the NESRGB, it enables you to switch colour palettes via the controller which saves you from drilling holes in the console. With the NES-IGR, you can also reset the console via the controller, which is especially useful when using Everdrives.


  • Reset the console via the controller
  • Switch the NESRGB colour palettes via the controller

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The kit is sold as DIY, please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing. The install instructions are below.

Install instructions:

Low and High-active reset jumpers on the board are left open for you to close, dependant on what console you are installing the board into.

How to use:
Controller: Start+Select+ …
– … A+B pressed for <2s: short reset – … A+B pressed for >2s: long reset (going back to main menu if a power-pak is used or in EDN8 reset to game is enabled)
– … D-Pad right: Forward switching through the palettes
– … D-Pad left: Backward switching through the palettes
– short push <~750ms: reset
– second push while PIC resets the NES/FC: reset as long long as button is held
– keeping pressed: forward switching through the palette and RGB off with delay of ~750ms for each palette

Full credits to Borti4938 & Voultar for the design!