Nintendo 64 Console N64RGB V2.1 & UltraPIF Region Free

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Nintendo 64 console that has been modified to output RGB and fitted with a region free UltraPIF kit along with a brand new transparent shell. Ideal for those want best analog video quality and wish to play original carts to play games from all regions on their N64!


  • N64RGB V2.1 kit by Borti4938 installed which outputs RGB video and features VI-DeBlur, 16bit mode and in-game reset all via the controller.
  • UltraPIF kit by Jago85 which allows for both PAL & NTSC games from all regions to run at the correct speeds, with a programmable multi-colour LED. Silver region free cartridge slot adapter installed so that all cartridges will fit.
  • Cleaned both internally and externally.
  • Brand new transparent aftermarket shell.
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N64RGB V2.1 controller button combinations:

  • Reset the console: Z + Start + R + A + B
  • (de)activate VI-DeBlur:
    deactivate: Z + Start + R + C-le
    activate: Z + Start + R + C-ri
  • (de)activate 16bit mode:
    deactivate: Z + Start + R + C-up
    activate: Z + Start + R + C-dw


Upon turning the console on, the UltraPIF menu is presented which allows for region selection, LED settings etc. See last product picture for an example.

Pictures are of the actual console you will receive.

The console shell is brand new.

Only the console itself plus a Nintendo branded jumper pak is included, no cables or controllers.  You will need an N64 PSU & SNES/N64 NTSC CSYNC cable. We can supply the correct spec SNES/N64 RGB SCART cable if required. For the PSU, we recommend an original N64 PSU. Please reach out if you need advice.

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

We offer a 12-month guarantee for this product when purchased via our website

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