Nintendo AV Famicom Console NESRGB, IGR & Audio Balance Restoration

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The ultimate AV Famicom Console! Fully upgraded with the best kits available, this Japanese AV Famicom offers a truly brilliant picture along with high quality audio.


  • NESRGB kit by Tim Worthington installed which enables RGB output for the AV Famicom. Latest revision v4.
  • IGR (In-game reset) to reset the console via the controller. Especially useful for Everdrive setups.
  • Palette control to select between six colour palettes via the controller.
  • NESRGB QSB + FFC kit by Voultar which performs better than the individual wire methods of the past.
  • Audio balance restoration kit for NESRGB consoles designed by Ace. See here.
  • AV Multiout ground pins separated to help fully eliminate jailbars.
  • All capacitors & voltage regulator replaced with high quality Nichicon branded capacitors & a modern L78S05CV voltage regulator.
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Pictures are of the actual console you will receive. (Minus the thumbnail which is our stock photo for all AV Famicom consoles).

The console is overall in nice condition with general wear as expected. It has been cleaned both internally and externally. Multiout & cartridge slot has also been reflowed. The original Japanese sticker on the side is still intact.

Only the console itself is included, no cables or controllers. You will need an AV Famicom PSU & SNES NTSC CSYNC cable. We can supply the SNES RGB SCART cable. If you wish to acquire a cable elsewhere, the console is configured for use with a SNES NTSC CSYNC SCART cable with 470R resistor on sync.
For the PSU, we recommend either an original or Triad PSU (click here). Please reach out if you need advice.

IGR & Palette selection controls

Start+Select+Left – Decrement palette counter.
Start+Select+Right – Increment palette counter.
Start+Select+Left (hold for 2 seconds) – Disable/enable NESRGB board.
Start+Select+Right (hold for 2 seconds) – Set to palette 1.
Start+Select+A+B – In game reset.

Available palettes

Digital Prime (from FirebrandX)
Nestopia_YUV – Looks most like a PAL console.
Sony CXA – Very colourful palette of unknown origin.
Smooth V2 (from FirebrandX) – Lower colour saturation.
FCEUX – Another colourful palette, taken from the FCEUX emulator.

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

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