OpenTendo NES Replacement Motherboard


The OpenTendo is a brand new replacement motherboard for the Frontloading Nintendo NES designed by Redherring32.


  • Identical (or better) performance to original NES motherboard.
  • Stays true to the original: reuses main chips from your original board – CPU, PPU & lock-out chip (optional).
  • Compatible with NESRGB.
  • Additional footprint for optional expansion audio.
  • High-quality matte black PCB with gold ENIG finish.

Please note: we are only supplying the PCB! You will still need to acquire the parts and assemble them to the PCB. Please see below for more information.

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This is the V1.2 board. In addition to the components in the BOM (here), you will also need to source the following parts:

  • x1 CPU RP2A03 (NTSC)/RP2A07 (PAL) from original Famicom/NES or UA6527 (NTSC)/UA6527P (PAL) clone.
  • x1 PPU RP2C02 (NTSC)/RP2C07 (PAL) from original Famicom/NES or UA6528 (NTSC)/UA6528P (PAL) clone.
  • x1 Lock-out chip from original Famicom/NES or NullCIC replacement.
  • x1 30pF trimmer capacitor.
  • x1 4-resistor 6.8K common bus resistor array.
  • x2 2 DAN601 diode arrays.
  • x2 UPA64H diode arrays.
  • x1 1 2SA937 transistor.
  • x2 2 2SC2021 transistors.

Note for PAL consoles: If you wish to use the board in a PAL console, you will need to use a PAL CPU, PPU & PAL crystal (26.601712MHz) instead of NTSC.

Please note: By purchasing this board, please understand that it is DIY & for advanced installers only. Whilst we’re happy to offer support with any install questions, we cannot offer one-to-one guidance through the install process! More information on the project can be found in the github by clicking here.

Thanks to Redherring32 for the Opentendo project!

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Board Only, Board + NullCIC (replacement lock-out chip)