NEC PC Engine Original, CoreGrafx I+II, Shuttle & SuperGrafx Capacitor Kit

£6.99 £5.83 excl. VAT

Service your Japanese NEC PC Engine original (white), CoreGrafx I (blue), CoreGrafx II (orange), Shuttle or SuperGrafx console using our latest cap kit! This kit covers all PC Engine revisions above.


  • x21 Capacitors (Through-Hole).
  • x1 2A 78S05 Voltage Regulator (New & more efficient).
  • x2 4.7uF surface mount capacitors for jailbar fix.

Capacitor list and diagram are supplied with each kit via a QR code.


Please note by purchasing this kit you understand that the components require soldering skills. Please make sure you are confident with the servicing procedure before purchasing.