PSIO Switchboard SIO-X

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A redesign of the PSIO switchboard by Voultar which helps simplify the installation process. With the SIO-X, less wires are needed to connect the switchboard to the PS1 console, additionally, it helps keep the switchboard anchored in place, opposed to being in the center.


  • Improved PSIO switchboard design.
  • Footprint for MM3 & Mayumi V4 mod chip support if you wish to add one.


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Please note: Playstation 1 SCPH-700X, SCPH-750X and possibly some PAL SCPH-5502 models may have a different bottom shell to other models. Therefore, the large post which is to the bottom left of the SIO-X’s position will need filing down, and the bottom RF shield may need a slight cut out. Please message me if you have one of these two models and would like pictures of the installation!

The kit is sold as DIY and requires soldering skills, please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing.

This switchboard follows the same instructions as the PSIO switchboard.

This is only the switchboard, you will of course need to pair it with a PSIO device!