Sega Saturn RGB SCART Cable

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Sega Saturn RGB SCART Cable to connect your Saturn console to your SCART TV/monitor/switcher.


  • Length = 1.8M.
  • Connector A = Male EuroSCART, Connector B = 10 pin mini DIN (Saturn AV jack).
  • Configured for Sync on luma.
  • Compatible with Sega Saturn consoles from all regions!
  • Fully shielded – overall aluminium foil shielding with each line individually shielded to protect from external interference and cable crosstalk.
  • Custom PCB inside SCART connector designed by Retro Upgrades.

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CSYNC & Sync on Luma – simple explanation:

Our Sega Saturn cables are configured for sync on luma which is safe to use and does not present checkerboarding such as with poorly shielded CVBS cables. CSYNC is only a must with some professional equipment such as Extron devices & a few pro-CRT monitors that require it.  There is virtually no difference in picture quality between the two.

Additional information

Sync Type

470Ω Sync (default), Passthrough TTL