SCART2VGA adapter with sync stripper


This passthrough adapter is used to interface SCART to VGA + 3.5mm audio connectors, so that you can use SCART consoles/devices with a monitor/device that only has a VGA connector. It also has an optional sync stripper.


  • Adapts SCART to VGA + 3.5mm audio connector.
  • Designed primarily for use with retro games.
  • Works with 15 khz & 31 khz sources.
  • Supports 240p, 480i & 480p as long as your VGA device is able to display/handle the resolution!
  • Optional LM1881 sync stripper which can be toggled on/off via a switch. TTL output (not compatible with consumer TV’s without modification of 470ohm resistor on sync output line). OSSC is fine – VGA input ONLY – see here.
  • +5V supplied via micro USB or SCART pin 8  if required. *Set to +5V via micro USB by default.

Please note: This is a passthrough adapter, not a converter. It adapts the SCART connector to the VGA connector. It does not convert the sync from RGBs to RGBHV. Please read below for more information.

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  • Approx. Dimensions = 80 mm x 60 mm.
  • Connector A = Female EuroSCART input Connector B = VGA D-SUB 15 + x 3.5mm audio output.

Examples of use:

  • Connect your SCART consoles to a VGA switcher e.g. Extron MVX series.
  • An additional way to get SCART to your RGB monitor e.g. bypass the use of BNC cables if your monitor has VGA inputs.
  • Connect your SCART consoles to a compatible capture card.
  • Connect your SCART consoles to a monitor that only has VGA inputs. e.g. BenQ BL702A, 15kHz LCD.
  • Connect your SCART consoles to your GBS-C/GBS8200 which only has VGA inputs.

This adapter does not convert RGBs to RGBHV, it simply passes through RGBs to the VGA connector. For example, the SCART2VGA will not allow you to connect your consoles that output 15kHz 240p/480i to your 31kHz 480p-only VGA monitor. It will, however, allow you connect your 240p/480i consoles to a 480i monitor, or 480p consoles to 480p monitor as long as your monitor can accept RGBs. Please ensure that your device/monitor accepts RGBs before purchasing!

The SCART connector is EuroSCART and not JP21.

Assembled by Retro Upgrades. Shout out to Tinkerplunk for the board!

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