Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Triple Bypass V2


Get the best audio & video quality out of your old consoles with the latest V2 revision of the Sega MD/Genesis Triple Bypass!

02/03/2022: If you’re installing your kit on a MD1 console and select “mini-din 9 connector required” from the dropdown menu, we’ll now also include a mounting PCB which goes in place of the RF modulator. This PCB helps make the install cleaner & saves you scraping the solder mask on your MD main board.

21/01/2022: 3BP kits now come with the three 5.6k pull-up resistors as documented here: (only necessary for MD1 & MD2 VA3+VA4 boards)


  • Both video and audio optimisation for Mega Drive & Genesis consoles.
  • Uses the latest THS7374 amp and uses bypass circuitry to improve RGB signal clarity.
  • Utilises the Mega Amp 2.0 audio amp which vastly improves the audio compared to stock.
  • Low-pass filter toggle.
  • Professionally assembled using high-quality components from JP & USA. Brands such as Nichicon, Vishay, Panasonic.

V2 Features:

  • Jumpers which allow you to choose between many audio configurations.
  • Audio optimised with the MDFourier project to match the best audio quality that comes from a new Model 1.

Installation & more info below!

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The kit is sold as DIY and requires soldering skills, please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing.

The reverse side of the board displays the various configurations that you can set via the jumpers.

Components for all configurations are assembled on the board. For model 1 installs, we also stock 9 pin mini DIN connectors under the “Parts” section of the website.

For information regarding the install, please visit:

Huge thanks to db electronics, RetroRGB, Cruzlink2, Artemio, Ace, MobiusStripTech, Firebrand X, Tian Feng and Bfbiii for working on this awesome project.

Additional information

Add 9 pin mini-DIN connector? (For model 1 console installs)

No [£22.99], Yes [£24.99]