Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Model 1 THS7374 RGB Bypass

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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Model 1 RGB Bypass board. We’ve created this kit which is optimized specifically for Sega MD/Genesis Model 1 consoles to replace outdated alternatives. The kit outputs crystal clear RGBs & helps eliminate jailbars whilst at the same time retaining the original AV connector & stereo headphone jack.


  • Uses the latest THS7374 amp by Texas Instruments which offers a sharper image over the previous THS7314.
  • Configured to accept both Mega Drive 1 RGB SCART cables wired for CSYNC & HD RetroVision Component YPbPr cables.
  • Includes ‘VDP2RGB’ board which helps eliminate jailbars & makes soldering the tiny VDP pins far easier.
  • Compatible with both the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Model 1 (all regions).
  • Low-pass filter toggle.
  • Professionally assembled using high-quality components from JP & USA. Brands such as Nichicon, Vishay, Panasonic.
  • Premium ENIG (gold immersion) finish.

Install instructions below.

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Installation instructions: Click here.

*Difficulty level is the opinion of Retro Upgrades. This kit is sold as DIY and requires soldering skills and lifting pins. Please review the documentation and make sure you are confident in installing this kit prior to purchasing!

This board is designed specifically for the Mega Drive/Genesis Model 1. The Model 1 consoles already output fantastic audio quality, so for those who wish to use the original AV connector with stock audio then this is the solution for you!

Includes: RGB bypass board, VDP2RGB board & double-sided adhesive tape for mounting.

If you need a kit for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Model 2, check out the Triple Bypass V2 as the audio upgrade is necessary for the Model 2. Available here.

Many older kits are missing the MD1 RGB bypass fix (5.6k pull-up resistors) which we have Integrated into the board design. See here:

Designed by Retro Upgrades. This kit uses modified version of the Triple Bypass V2 video circuit. Thanks to dBelectronics & Tianfeng for their work on the 3BP. Thanks to Zaxour who discovered that an insulated copper shield to isolate RGB and VRAM lines helps eliminate jailbars!