Super Famicom Jr. Console 1CHIP RGB Bypass & AIO Kit (SuperCIC, uIGR, Region Patch, DeJitter & DFO)

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The ultimate Super Famicom Jr! Versus the 1-Chip regular SNES/SF these have equal, if not better, RGB output quality – all inside a smaller case. We believe this is the best revision of the SNES/SF by far! These consoles are getting hard to source & costly now. This one is fully equipped with the best modification kits. Play your SNES/SFC games region free at the correct frequency in glorious RGB!


  • Super Famicom Jr./Junior/Mini. Outputs a much higher quality signal than previous SNES revisions, equal to the best 1-Chip consoles.
  • RGB Bypass kit by Tzorrimahm installed which uses the latest Texas Instrument’s THS7374 video amplifier to achieve optimised RGB video.
  • All capacitors & voltage regulator replaced with high quality Nichicon branded capacitors & a modern L78S05CV voltage regulator.
  • SNES MultiRegion with DeJitter AIO kit by Borti4938 which features the following:
  • Play SNES games from all regions.
  • Perform actions such as resetting the console, switching between 60Hz, 50Hz and auto-detect mode with the controller via button combinations (especially helpful for flash carts).
  • Removes jittery signal that modded SNES consoles output when displaying 240p which is a common issue with scalers such as the OSSC.
  • Dual frequency oscillator which corrects the base clocks for 50Hz and 60Hz video-modes. Enabling PAL consoles to be comparable to genuine 60hz consoles which is ideal for RGB users.
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The console has a few minor marks but is overall in good condition for its age. It has been cleaned both internally and externally.

Only the console itself is included, no cables or controllers. You will need a Super Famicom Jr. PSU & SNES NTSC CSYNC cable. We can supply the SNES RGB SCART cable. For the PSU, we recommend either an original or Triad PSU. Please reach out if you need advice.

A brief description of the AIO board’s features is below. You can find full documentation with all of the button press combinations etc. on Borti’s github by clicking here

Hold down the reset button in order to swipe through 50Hz (green LED), 60Hz (red LED) or Auto-Region (yellow LED).
With the SD2SNES you are able to pair the SuperCIC with the flash card. Then you’ll be able to switch between 60Hz and 50Hz mode. However, you need to have the uIGR, which is master for the region setting, in SuperCIC pass through mode. Some more information is given below.

The uIGR sniffs the controller inputs directly at the controller port. Therefor it is able to detect certain button combinations. All button combinations are collected in an overview PDF, which is available in German and English. Here are the most important ones:

Region forcing:
60Hz: L + R + Select + A
50Hz: L + R + Select + Y
Auto: L + R + Select + B
S-CIC pass through: L + R + Select + D-pad left OR L + R + Select + D-pad right
simple reset: L + R + Select + Start
double reset (back to main menu of sd2snes): L + R + Select + X
Region Patch
Overwrites region if game request register $213F, where bit 4 represents the region. Region patching can be disabled (see uIGR PDFs). You also have to consider switching off the region patch if using non-original cartridges or flash cards (sd2snes with Pairmode with SuperCIC is not a problem).

In NTSC mode the SNES outputs a shorter scanline in non-visible area. This might be an issue for certain TVs if you use pure analog to digital conversion without frame buffer like the OSSC does. DeJitter ‘removes’ this shorter line by pausing the clock for a few cycles.
As drawback this mechanic varies output timing a bit, however the inaccuracy is neglectable when comparing it to clock variations throughout different consoles.
At the moment, DeJitter is enabled by default and can only be disabled by setting jumper SJ31.

Dual frequency oscillator which corrects the base clocks for 50Hz and 60Hz video-modes. Enabling PAL consoles to be comparable to genuine 60hz consoles which is ideal for RGB users. Eliminates black & white video output via composite/s-video and eliminates stutter with modern displays which are less tolerant with sync than CRT TVs.

Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions.

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