VGA2NTSC Converter

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This device is used to convert RGBHV (VGA) to RGBs (SCART), S-Video & Composite so that you can use VGA consoles/devices with a monitor/TV that only accepts SCART, S-Video & Composite.


  • Converts RGBHV (VGA) to RGBs (SCART), S-Video & Composite.
  • Designed primarily for use with retro games.
  • Works with 15 khz.
  • Supports 240p-480i  (320×240, 640×480 interlaced) as long as your output device is able to display/handle the resolution!

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  • Approx. Dimensions = 100 mm x 60 mm.
  • Connector A = VGA D-SUB 15 + x 3.5mm audio, Connector B = Female EuroSCART, S-Video, Composite.

Examples of use:

  • Connect a MiSTer FPGA device to your consumer TV which only accepts SCART, S-Video or Composite.
  • Connect Dreamcast 480p VGA to compatible SCART, S-Video or Composite equipment.
  • Connect your PC to a SCART, S-Video or Composite only TV (provided your TV can display the resolution being output from your PC).
  • Converting HDMI “super-resolution” 240p from HDMI to VGA. CPSHDMI & Raspberry Pi can be set to 240p, then along with a cheap DAC and this converter, you can get the signal on your SCART, S-Video or Composite monitor/TV.

Please note:

The board is configured to output NTSC, not PAL.

The VGA2NTSC not a downscaler, but a sync converter. It will NOT downscale 480p to 480i/240p. The device is used to convert RGBHV to RGBs. 240p-480i only.

The board requires +5V from the micro USB jack.

The SCART connector does not output blanking/switching voltage which is required for most consumer CRT TVs to use RGB. This is not needed for professional video monitors, consumer TVs with “force RGB” in menu/service menu or TVs modded for RGB SCART which should already have blanking pulled to 5V to force RGB.

The 3.58 MHz carrier is not synchronized to the origin video clock resulting in more color fringe artifacts (for composite). However, this does not affect S-Video quality.

If your source is RGBs, then either disconnect the vertical sync line (it’s pulled high internally) or set the vertical sync line to high. On the MiSTer, don’t use composite sync = 1 unless you disconnect the vertical sync line, as it is normally held low.

The SCART connector is EuroSCART and not JP21.

Assembly by Retro Upgrades, shout out to RetroTINK & JNFTech for the board!