VGA2SCART Sync Converter

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The VGA2SCART is used to convert RGBHV (VGA) to RGBs (SCART), so that you can use games consoles and other devices that output VGA to a monitor, TV or scaler that only accepts SCART connections.


  • Converts 15/31khz RGBHV (VGA) to 15/31khz RGBs (SCART).
  • Designed primarily for use with retro games.
  • Zero lag – lag of less than 0.01ms (effectively ZERO).
  • Accurate picture – does not produce a dim image as with some similar products.
  • No power supply required! Powered by VGA pin 9 or Micro USB which is selectable by the on-board jumper.
  • Supports 240p, 480i & 480p (320x240p, 640×480 interlaced and progressive) if your SCART device is able to handle the resolution being output.
  • 3D printed enclosure optional via drop-down menu.
  • Low voltage SCART blanking via micro-USB to enable RGB mode on European SCART CRT TVs.

26/02/2024: VGA2SCART has been restocked. V1.4 addition: Power status LED.

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  • Approx. Dimensions = 81 mm x 63 mm.
  • Connector A = VGA D-SUB 15 + x 3.5mm audio jack input, Connector B = Female EuroSCART output.
  • Current board revision: V1.4
  • PCB Colour: Green

Connecting a PC to a CRT TV:

Most consumer grade CRT TVs will be 15khz only yet most PCs will only output a 31khz+ signal. Therefore, we will need to output a 15khz signal from the PC. There are multiple ways to achieve this which are listed below:

  • We recommend to use crt_emudriver or soft 15khz software if you have a compatible GPU. After setting up the software which can take some trial and error, connect a VGA cable from your PC to the V2S and a SCART cable from the V2S to your CRT TV.
  • If you do not have a compatible GPU, you may try a HDMI to VGA adapter directly connected from your PC to the VGA2SCART along with CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) software. This option is not ideal as some HDMI to VGA adapters will perform unwanted sync processing. With this configuration you may need to try a few different adapters until you find one that works.

Other examples of use:

    • Connect a MiSTer FPGA device to your consumer TV which only accepts SCART.
    • Connect a VGA console to your RetroTINK 5X Pro.
    • Connect Dreamcast 480p VGA to compatible SCART equipment.
    • Converting HDMI “super-resolution” 240p from HDMI to VGA. CPSHDMI & Raspberry Pi can be set to 240p, then along with a cheap DAC and this converter, you can get the signal on your SCART monitor/TV.

Please note: The VGA2SCART is not a downscaler, but a sync converter. It will NOT downscale 480p to 480i or 240p. It simply converts a VGA 15/31khz RGBHV source to 15/31khz RGBs for use with SCART equipment.

Case design by Retro Upgrades. Thanks to Mike Chi of RetroTINK for designing the base of the VGA2SCART which we’ve modified to create the current iteration of the VGA2SCART.

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