VGA2SCART Sync Converter


This converter is used to convert RGBHV (VGA) to RGBs (SCART), so that you can use VGA consoles/devices with a monitor/TV that only accepts SCART.

20/09/2021: V1.2 released! Added new features marked with (*).


  • Converts RGBHV (VGA) to RGBs (SCART).
  • Designed primarily for use with retro games.
  • Works with 15 khz & 31 khz.
  • Supports 240p, 480i & 480p (320×240, 640×480 interlaced and progressive) as long as your SCART output device is able to display/handle the resolution!
  • High quality 3D printed enclosure optional via drop-down menu.
  • *Optional 3V SCART blanking voltage via micro-USB (now compatible with all European RGB SCART consumer TV’s!)
  • *Jumper for power via micro-USB or VGA pin 9.
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  • Approx. Dimensions = 81 mm x 63 mm.
  • Connector A = VGA D-SUB 15 + x 3.5mm audio jack input, Connector B = Female EuroSCART output.

Examples of use:

  • Connect a MiSTer FPGA device to your consumer TV which only accepts SCART.
  • Connect Dreamcast 480p VGA to compatible SCART equipment.
  • Connect your PC to a SCART only TV (provided your SCART TV can display the resolution being output from your TV).
  • Converting HDMI “super-resolution” 240p from HDMI to VGA. CPSHDMI & Raspberry Pi can be set to 240p, then along with a cheap DAC and this converter, you can get the signal on your SCART monitor/TV.

Please note:

The VGA2SCART not a downscaler, but a sync converter. It will NOT downscale 480p to 480i/240p. The device is used to convert RGBHV to RGBs.

The board gets power from VGA pin 9 by default, please ensure your input device outputs +5V on pin 9. If pin 9 is N/C, you may power the VGA2SCART by bridging +5V source jumper pads 1 & 3 and using micro USB instead.

If you are using a consumer CRT TV (B&O, Sony Trinitron etc.) which requires blanking/switching voltage to use RGB, you will get a black screen/very dim picture. If this is the case, connect a micro USB cable to a +5V power source which will supply +3V to SCART pin 16. This is not needed for professional video monitors, consumer TVs with “force RGB” in menu/service menu or TVs modded for RGB SCART which should already have blanking pulled to 5V to force RGB.

The SCART connector is EuroSCART and not JP21.

Assembly & case design by Retro Upgrades, shout out to RetroTINK for the board!

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