BKM-68X card RGB/YPbPr for Sony Monitors

Coming soon… FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the BKM-68X be available on our website?

We can’t provide an ETA at the moment but we have secured components to make a small batch. Soon™.

  • What will the price be?

Price will be announced closer to release.

  • Will we take pre-orders?

We don’t currently take any pre-orders. We only ship items once they’re in stock and ready to ship to ensure all orders that have been placed can be promptly fulfilled.

  • What colour will the 68X boards be?

The first run will be green with ENIG (gold immersion) finish.

Please also feel free to follow the designer, Martin Hejnfelt on Twitter as he may post updates on the project! https://twitter.com/martinhejnfelt