Female RGB SCART to BNC adapter board for Pro Monitors

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This adapter is used to connect devices that output RGB via a SCART connector to a monitor/TV or other equipment that only has BNC jacks.


  • Approx. Dimensions = 100mm x 30 mm.
  • Connector A = Female EuroSCART, Connector B = x 4 BNC, x 2 RCA Stereo Audio.
  • Passive/pass-through adapter.
  • Use with  BNC, RCA & SCART cables of your choice.

Please note: These do not directly interface with the Extron Crosspoint. Each adapter requires either x4 BNC to BNC patch cables or one 4 RGBs BNC cable (which we also stock).

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What is this adapter used for?

It is used most commonly to connect devices which output RGB over SCART (such as many games consoles) to equipment such as Extron Crosspoints, other RGB interfaces or professional video monitors (Sony PVM/BVM etc) which only have BNC inputs and otherwise wouldn’t accept SCART.

What is the difference between the adapter and a SCART to BNC cable?

It works the same way but has some useful features such as cheaper, more compact & easier to manage your cables. Plus the mounting posts can be used in various ways: The last 3 pictures show some creative ways in which it can be used. You can simply wire it up regularly, use the mounting posts to zip tie it to your monitor or use the mounting posts to daisy chain multiple boards together, allowing for many consoles to be connected to your Extron Crosspoint at once all in one organised package.

What about sync?

The adapters are straight pass-through boards. Therefore, whatever sync signal they receive from your console & console SCART cable they will output that same signal.

The SCART connector is EuroSCART and not JP21

No cables are included with this product, however,  affordable single BNC to BNC patch leads can be found on eBay. All you will just need is just four of them plus your console’s SCART cable per adapter board.

Update: We now sell x4 male BNC to x4 male BNC cables which pair up perfectly with this adapter! Please see cables section on the website.

Full credits to Voultar for the design!

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