AV multiout kit for NES Frontloader consoles


This snap-fit NES multiout kit, designed for use with NESRGB modded frontloader consoles, allows you to replace the 8 pin mini din connector provided with the NESRGB kit with a high quality Nintendo AV multiout which can be used with Nintendo cables.

16/11/2021: We’re currently working on a new AV multi-out design. Currently we are only offering the PCBs. You can print your own multi-out design if needed.

Includes (as pictured):

  • Three 3D printed AV multi-out parts, printed in tough pro+ filament. Multiout housing, snap-in clip to lock the housing to the NES shell & template guide to align the cut out to the rear of your console.
  • Multiout PCB is made with hardgold and 45° bevelled connector edges for mechanical resistance when plugging/unplugging cables.
  • 18cm of 12 strand ribbon cable.
  • Screw to keep the PCB in place once installed.
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Please note: This kit is to be used with NES Frontloader consoles that have the NESRGB already installed. It will not work with stock NES consoles.

Shout out to The Retro Phoenix for the multi-out PCB design!

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Black, Grey, x3 PCB Only