High quality SNES Super Nintendo RGB bypass mod kit for 1 chip consoles. Output properly attenuated RGB from your SNES or Super Famicom!


  • Uses the latest THS7374 amp by Texas Instruments which offers a sharper image over the previous THS7314.
  • Low-pass filter toggle with JP1.
  • Includes components which are to be optionally installed to your SNES main board for the ghosting and brightness fix which plague most SNES consoles.
  • Works with PAL (EU), NTSC-U (USA) & NTSC-J (JP) consoles.

Universal install instructions:

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Brightness & ghosting fix instructions: *please note that the brightness fix only needs to be installed at R3 on the SNES mini/jr. The SNES regular/big model has the brightness fix already installed on the RGB bypass board*.

Use this board to save yourself from badly designed & cheap boards which can commonly have issues such as ghosting, artifacts and bad compatibility with scalers.

The kit is sold as DIY and requires soldering skills, please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing!

Please note:

The board is for 1-chip consoles only. How to identify if you have a 1-chip console:

The amp is configured for use with a standard NTSC SNES CSYNC cable (with 470Ω resistor in SCART head).

As per the install guide, remember to free pin 3 of the multi AV for PAL consoles. Furthermore, please remember to isolate the bottom side of the board & also remove the decoupling capacitors from the SNES console, as we’ve assembled these on the bypass board.

Components for the ghosting and brightness fix which you may install to your SNES mainboard should you wish to do so are also included.

Shout out to Tzorrimahm for the board design & borti4938 who designed the original board, which this board is based upon.

Additional information

Type of console

SNES (Big Model), SNES 2 (Mini/Jr)