Male SCART Coupler


Uses a custom PCB which provides a solid, hard-soldered & direct connection between each end of the coupler. Video, sync & audio is optimally routed to help avoid interference.

Far superior than most of the cheap couplers found elsewhere which contain a rats nest of kynar wire which is not suitable for video signals.

Example of use:

Connecting your OSSC, RetroTINK etc. to your SCART switcher, enabling you use both your analog & digital monitors with one switcher whilst having have a short, direct connection without any cables.

A simple replacement for a male to male SCART cable. No cables involved. Less signal degradation.

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Full features & specifications:

  • Approx. dimensions: 60mm x 55mm
  • Male EuroSCART to Male EuroSCART connectors.
  • Custom PCB & 3D printed enclosure.

Assembled by Retro Upgrades. Shout out to RetroRGB, Tianfeng & Greg Collins for this project!