Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 2 RGB SCART Cable

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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 2 RGB SCART Cable to connect your Sega MD/Genesis 2 to your SCART TV/monitor/switcher.


  • Length = 1.8M.
  • Connector A = Male EuroSCART, Connector B = Sega MD2/Gen2 Mini DIN 9.
  • Compatible with both Sega Mega Drive 2 and Genesis 2 consoles. Also compatible with any RGB modified consoles that are wired for MD/Genesis 2 CSYNC using the Mini DIN 9 connector.
  • Compatible with Mega Drive/Genesis consoles from all regions.
  • Configured for CSYNC.
  • Fully shielded – overall aluminium foil shielding with each line individually shielded to protect from external interference and cable crosstalk.
  • Custom PCB inside SCART connector designed by Retro Upgrades.

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