Replacement Rubber Feet for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 1 & 2 Consoles

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Set of 4 replacement feet for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 1 & 2 consoles. These replacement feet are manufactured to be close as possible to the originals in size. Ideal if a missing foot is causing the console to sit uneven.


  • Greater stability and less glide than the original feet.
  • Strong 3M adhesive backing.
  • Simple to install.

Some installation tips are below.

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  1. Please ensure that the surface where the old pad was seated is clean as some adhesive residue may remain. We found that loosening the residue with isopropyl alcohol and a scraping it away with a sharp hobby blade works best. The goal here is to establish a flat surface for the new rubber foot.
  2. Simply peel back the adhesive strip on the replacement and place it in the outlined area on the bottom side of the console and you’re set.

If you wish to replace all of the feet, we recommend using a heat gun on a low temperature to heat up the adhesive and remove the originals

A small amount of Mega Drive/Genesis revisions used different feet were used which prove hard to remove. For this reason, we recommend only replacing the feet that are missing where possible unless the console has the easy to remove feet. These are are a soft material vs. hard material feet which are more difficult type to remove.

Included are a set of four feet for your chosen console model per purchase. You may select either model 1 or model 2 via the drop-down menu.

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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 1, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 2