Sega Mega Drive Switchless Region Free & 50/60HZ


This switchless board for the MD/Genesis designed by ArcadeTV, wshadow & Borti4938 allows you to switch region between Japanese, Europe and USA as well as between PAL 50Hz or NTSC 60Hz. It also saves you from drilling holes in your console.


  • Switch between PAL 50hz & NTSC-U/NTSC-J 60hz from the reset button
  • Includes Tri-color LED to display which region you have currently selected. Red = USA/60Hz, Purple = JP/60Hz & Blue = PAL/50Hz

Also includes an 3mm multi colour LED (fits all models), with which you may choose replace the one in your console with or install directly to the switchless board.

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Please note: The kit is sold as DIY and requires soldering skills, please make sure you are confident in installing before purchasing. The install instructions are below.

Install instructions:

Please note that the Borti board has different pinouts to that are chips used in the guides. Please refer to the third picture in the listing and cross reference it to points on the Sega Mega Drive mainboard which are shown in the instructions below.

Mega Drive Model 1 – English (DIY version but same instructions apply):

Mega Drive model 2 – English (DIY version but same instructions apply):

Original in German (use Google translate) [Post #3]: